AP Repair

woman in abdominal pain

Anterior and posterior repairs are procedures used to correct vaginal prolapse for either a fallen bladder (cystocele) or a fallen rectum (rectocele). Vaginal prolapse occurs when the ligaments and muscles of the vagina begin to fail. During an a/p repair, incisions are made in the top (anterior) or bottom (posterior) of the vagina. The muscular tissue underneath the vaginal skin is tightened to better support the bladder or the rectum.

This procedure is performed using either general or spinal anesthesia. Following the surgery, you may have a foley catheter in place for one to two days. You will be started on a liquid diet, followed by a regular diet when your normal bowel function returns. Your Seasons provider may prescribe stool softeners and laxatives to prevent straining during bowel movements. (Straining can potentially cause stress on the incision.)