A colposcopy is often the very next step when you have an abnormal pap smear. While the first thought of many women is often – cervical cancer – fortunately, the majority of abnormal pap smears are caused by inflammation or vaginal infection.

A colposcopy is a very simple 10 to 15 minute procedure. It’s performed in the comfort of our Seasons’ office, much the same way as a pap smear.

The procedure begins by applying a vinegar solution to your cervix. Then, your Seasons’ doctor will use a colposcope, which is basically an electric microscope, to view your cervix.

If any abnormal areas are noted, a tissue sample or biopsy will be taken and sent to a lab for evaluation. You can expect your results in approximately 7 working days.

You’ll be happy to know that the colposcopy itself a painless procedure. However, due to the mild cramping that may follow the exam, it is often advisable to take ibuprofen (with food) an hour before the procedure.

Please avoid strenuous exercise or intercourse for approximately a week after the procedure. Baths and showers are permitted. Please also note that this exam cannot be performed if you are currently on your menstrual cycle.