LEEP Excision of the Cervix

LEEP is an acronym for “loop electrosurgical excision procedure.” This procedure is often recommended after abnormal pap test results have been confirmed by a colposcopy.

During LEEP, abnormal cells are cut away from the cervix using a thin wire loop through which an electrical current is passed. The biopsied tissue is then sent to a pathologist for review. Typically, your will receive pathology results within seven office days.

Prior to LEEP, it is recommended that you take ibuprofen (with food) one hour prior to your scheduled exam. The ibuprofen will help with the mild cramping that may follow the procedure. Additionally, for your comfort during the procedure, your Seasons’ provider will place a local anesthetic.

While recovery depends upon the extent of the procedure, typically, women return to light to normal activities within one to three days. It is important that you avoid intercourse, douching, tampons and strenuous activities for four weeks following LEEP.