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Lisa Vance, CNM

About Seasons

Embracing the wonderfully distinct seasons of a woman's life, the women's health specialists of Seasons, with locations in Kingsport, Bristol, and Abingdon, provide obstetric and gynecologic services to the women of the Tri-Cities and beyond.

Believing that you and your individual needs are incredibly unique, our promise to you is the provision of care that is equally as distinctive. At Seasons, we realize we're not only providing obstetric & gynecologic excellence, we're building a relationship for a lifetime.

Dr. Mitchell

Seasons Transitions All Deliveries and In-Patient Surgeries to Bristol Regional Medical Center

Effective December 1st 2018, all Seasons for Women deliveries and in-patient surgeries will occur at Bristol Regional Medical Center. This transition reflects our continued effort to improve access to the best OB/GYN facilities and providers in the community. Serving the Tri-Cities area for over 40 years, Holston Medical Group is committed to providing the community with the same level of quality patient care they know and trust, doing what is right for our patients, members of the community, physicians and team members.

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